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History of Casemix in Ireland

The Commission on Health Funding was established in 1989 following a period of significant cutbacks in health services in Ireland, during which acute inpatient bed numbers were cut by 22%. 

A National Casemix Project was established in 1991 arising from the recommendation of the Commission that

Each hospital should be funded for the provision of an agreed level of service to public patients, based on the activity level implied by its role and catchment area, and the Casemix based cost of meeting this – techniques such as DRG’s should be used to determine the level of funding.” 

In 1993 the first financial allocations were implemented in just 15 hospitals.   Following this, the programme has been expanded year-by-year.   It now covers the majority of acute hospital activity and funding. Within five years every acute hospital patient encounter will come under the scope of the National Casemix Programme.  The day to day management of Casemix in Ireland is the responsibility of the National Casemix Programme in the HSE.


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