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What is Casemix

Casemix is an internationally accepted system which allows for the monitoring and evaluation of health services.  

It is simply the comparison of activity and costs between hospitals (for management purposes) by classifying hospital data into a manageable number of discrete groups called DRGs (Diagnosis Related Groups), which are clinically similar and consume similar resources (e.g appendectomy, hip replacement, etc.).

Casemix allows for the collection, categorisation and interpretation of hospital patient data related to the types of cases treated, in order to assist hospitals define their products, measure their productivity and assess quality.

In an era of evidence based medicine, Casemix contributes towards evidence based management.

Casemix is an international system, with the same basic principles of data collection, classification, funding ‘like-with-like’ and taking high cost and unique issues into account.   One of the key features of Casemix that has helped it spread around the world in just twenty years is that the data is freely shared and their is a strong focus on Peer Group review.

Casemix provides a common language that supports a unique collaboration between clinicians, statisticians, accountants, managers, funders and policy makers. Click on this CASEMIX IN IRELAND link to obtain a brief overview of the national casemix programme.

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